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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

The True Guru

Worshiping yourself or someone else is to put yourself or another self on a pedestal. This separates you from your essence and the essence of the “other”. Both are expressions of the destructive illusion of egotism. This illusion of separation is the source of all suffering.

Hell has been defined as separation from God, our divine essence that is forever perfect and pure. Hell is the ultimate result of temptation by the devil – the false guru within that seduces us to objectify the self and become enslaved by this partial self, this false imitation of the whole Self, the true Me. This is idolatry. It is the ultimate addiction.

Addiction is the pursuit of a substitute for Love, an imitation of the true ME. It is ironic that the substitute that we are addicted to is often referred to as a substance. The words resemble each other but mean quite the opposite. Substance denotes the essential nature of something, whereas a substitute is the imposter of the real thing. It is unattainable. The true ME is not a temporary high or experience.

The fulfillment we seek is only to be found by re-connecting with the source of all experience: LOVE, ONENESS, our essence, the source of all. We can fall in and out of love, but Love does not rise or fall. It is always there, where we ARE, when we have the courage to BE: to BE with ourself and the self of the “other”. This is the key that unlocks the door to freedom. Here we will find the true guru.


Substitutes or comforts temporarily insulate us from the irritation or stress of what we are running away from, avoiding, fearing. Our fear stems from ignorance. The fundamental ignorance is to separate from or forget who we are. We both fear, and crave for, intimacy because we have become estranged from ourselves. Love is the antidote for fear. When we actually experience intimacy with another or what we are avoiding inside ourselves, we are never hurt. Where there is love there is no fear. Self does not have to be protected if it is not perceived or experienced as a separate entity. To know oneself is to love oneself. Courage is found in the heart where love resides.

Windows of the Soul

In the eye of the storm abides the truth whole and sure. My guru is within, forever perfect and pure.

This verse comes from a song I wrote called Guru Eyes. The “eye” of the storm is the “I” within. Eyes are the windows to the soul. Open your eyes and look into mine. There you will find the one your averted vision and wandering eyes have been avoiding. Do not just look at the window. Look through it. I am there, you are there, behind the masks we have mistaken ourselves for.

When a dog looks at us, it is expressing love. One might think that behind their gaze is a mental bubble saying “I want food”. Both dog owners and brain science know that is not the case. Dogs remind us to stop, look, and feel the love. BE with me, with you. Connect with your essence. It is an interesting coincidence that dog is god spelt backwards. Perhaps it is because they are a mirror of our divine essence.


Your best friend,


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