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Walk The Talk is a manual for living an authentic and fulfilling life. Being authentic is being true to
who we are, not just the roles we have identified with in order to fit into our world. Living a fulfilling
life requires us to be in touch with our most essential values while appreciating the influences that
have coloured our perspective.

We are all heroes. Life is a pretty wild journey that requires courage and creativity to navigate. Each
of our journeys are unique and how we live our life is up to us. It is our responsibility to skillfully
navigate the winds and waves of change and give purpose to our existence. If we are to have any hope
of being aligned with the rapidly evolving world that we are shaping, and that is shaping us, it is
essential for us to optimize the integrity of the body, mind and spirit vehicle through w
hich we
perceive and experience life.

There are many how-to books out there that teach us how to find happiness through fame, fortune,
performance or an ideal partner, but the premise of Walk the Talk is that happiness ultimately lies
within. This book provides effective tools to help us tune in to who we really are and to fine tune our
body-mind through accessible and powerful yogic practices, psycho-spiritual techniques and
fundamental lifestyle practices that make it possible for us to live a life we love and love the life we

Now Available
Paperback. Hardcover. Ebook.

About the Author

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Born in Montreal, Canada, in 1949, Daryl was introduced to yoga as a child and began to practice regularly as a teenager to successfully heal a painful congenital condition in his spine. Shortly after graduating with a degree in psychology from McGill University in Montreal he was introduced to meditation, and within months decided to dedicate himself to full-time practice as a Buddhist monk. He practiced Zen and Tibetan Buddhism for 11 years.

At 31 years of age, wishing to re-connect with the society he had left, Daryl left the monastic setting and trained in various massage and  bodywork techniques to eventually become a body/mind therapist. He
was particularly influenced by Hellerwork, a process of integration utilizing structural bodywork and movement education, and their relationship to one's emotions and attitudes. Drawing on his experience of
the benefits of Hatha yoga, Daryl gradually incorporated classical asanas into this therapeutic setting to help his clients contact and release tensions stored in their "body-mind," designing specific routines
appropriate to each person's needs to help them sustain the harmony, strength, and mobility achieved in
the sessions.

Impressed with the integrity of the Hellerwork process, Daryl designed a series of yoga-posture flows
corresponding to the various stages of the eleven-part Hellerwork series. This method came to be known
as Divya Yoga, and is recognized by the Yoga Alliance.

Daryl Vansier is an experienced meditation instructor and retreat guide, having meditated for over 50
years, training with Zen and Tibetan Buddhist Masters in the west as well as Raja Yoga Masters at the
International Meditation Institute in India. In 1992 he founded Heaven and Earth Institute, a healing arts
centre in Montreal, where he and other instructors offered classes, workshops, retreats and private
sessions in Montreal and abroad. He closed his centre in 2009 to focus on other projects, and is currently
based in Nosara, Costa Rica.

During his training in Hellerwork, Daryl was introduced to the theory of sub-personalities and voice
dialogue, and this became an important influence in Daryl's personal and professional life. Daryl went on
to train as a facilitator and teacher with the founders Hal and Sidra Stone and their staff. Drawing on his
knowledge of this approach and related techniques, such as dreamwork, Active Imagination, and his
extensive experience in the other healing arts he has practiced over a lifetime, Daryl now shares his
knowledge in workshops, retreats and personal lifestyle counselling sessions in Costa Rica and abroad.

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