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Yogic Lifestyle Counselling

What is the lifestyle of a yogi?

For many of us the word yoga brings to mind moving gracefully through a series of physical postures. These postures, or asanas represent only one aspect of the body of teachings comprising the ancient system of yoga. Yoga, the path of unification, finds its full expression as a lifestyle which comprehends our experience and use of body, speech, and mind, how we relate to others, and how we interact with the world around us. There are several points of entry onto this path. Depending on one’s circumstances or condition at the time, one may choose to emphasize one or another aspect according to one’s aptitude or affinity.


The philosophy, practices, and guidelines for wholesome living are not the exclusive domain of the traditional path of Yoga. There are similar expressions in other respected traditions, both ancient and contemporary. However, one thing is for sure: the timeless Yogic Lifestyle has proven to be just as relevant and effective today, in our world, as it was many centuries ago, provided one receives guidance from qualified teachers and that one puts it into practice.

What happens in a typical Yogic Lifestyle Counselling session. How long does it take?

Yogic lifestyle is a broad subject involving many facets including:

      • Proper nutrition

      • Various forms of exercise

      • Mastery of breath

      • Meditation

      • Purification of thought, speech and action or mindfulness

      • Philosophy and ethics

      • Cultivation of a wholesome attitude in accord with one’s purpose

      • Social and environmental responsibility

      • Self-knowledge, including self-awareness techniques such as Voice Dialogue


And the balancing of all these aspects through appropriate application of the various practices within each of these areas, according to your capacities and the phase of your life. Your condition, experience and circumstances will determine which of these areas needs to be addressed in the Yogic Lifestyle Counselling sessions. The process begins with an assessment of your priorities. The length of the session is 60 to 90 minutes and the frequency or regularity of these sessions depends on the practices being undertaken at the time of the counselling.

How does Yogic Lifestyle Counselling compare with psychological therapy?

The variety of approaches in such areas does not allow for a fair comparison, but it can be said that lifestyle counselling is not intended to solve psychological problems nor counsel people on how to deal with conflicts in their personal or work relationships.

As lifestyle counselling addresses the whole person’s life- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, one can certainly expect improvement in one’s experience of life, including specific areas of conflict or dis-ease, but this service is intended for those who are prepared to take responsibility for their present situation and the direction of their lives. The essence and foundation of the yogic lifestyle is the vision of Oneness.

In this holistic vision no part exists outside the whole, and each one is ultimately responsible for the reality one perceives. As Buddha uttered upon his Enlightenment: “I alone am responsible.” For some, especially those suffering from disease or adversity, the word “responsibility” implies fault or blame, but the ‘larger picture’ is that we have the capacity to transform our condition or situation.

Yogic lifestyle counselling is not focussed on fixing your problem, nor giving you whatever you desire, but rather to provide you with precious tools for self-empowerment towards the fulfillment of your deepest desire or purpose.

In Yogic Lifestyle Counselling, you will learn:

        • How to take control of your health

        • Centering techniques

        • How to use visualization to help you manifest what you want in your life

        • Proper nutrition

        • How to establish a balanced and effective exercise program

        • Yoga philosophy and how to apply it to your everyday life


Yogic lifestyle Counselling will help you to:

        • Let go of limiting beliefs and habits

        • Discover the freedom of discipline

        • Detoxify your body and mind

        • Shake depression and find new inspiration

        • Discover contentment through simplifying your life

        • Dissolve destructive barriers of separation: make friends with yourself, others, and your environment

        • Re-claim your true prosperity

        • Empower your inner guru.

Let's Work Together

Individual sessions as well as bundle packages are available in the booking section. Please contact me directly if you would like to arrange monthly/long term counselling and we can make arrangements on a case by case basis.

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