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How I've Walked the Talk

Walk the Talk is a recurring theme in my life. At some point in my teens I became preoccupied with finding meaning in my life. My experimentation with “plant medicine” during my year-long hippie lifestyle sabbatical after graduating from university offered some revelations that led me to the practice of meditation. After dedicating eleven years to a monastic life in a Buddhist community, I perceived a contradiction between my vowing everyday to “become Enlightened for the sake of all living beings” and my cloistered life as a monk which separated me from my brothers and sisters in the world. If I was going to walk the talk, I needed to take a walk from that scene, which I did.

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My Story

In the next chapter, I founded a healing centre which placed me in the role of therapist and teacher to hundreds of clients and students over a period of 17 years. I found that this generally supported me in practicing what I preached, but there were a few areas in my life where my intentions were not being actualized.  I was helping people who came to avail themselves of my services but I knew that there was more that I could do to contribute to help heal our planet and its inhabitants. 


I closed Heaven and Earth Institute in 2009 with the intention of seeing what would happen when I stepped out of the roles I had created for myself - kind of like jumping off a merry-go-round that I had set in motion! Now I understand why I always viewed this phase as a sabbatical rather than a retirement. Instead of slowing down and losing my sense of purpose, my enthusiasm as a student of life and my appreciation of my connection with my world and its inhabitants has only been rekindled.

Though I have left behind my regular duties of teaching classes and working with a full client roster, I can’t stop myself from sharing the habits I have cultivated over the years with the people I meet that I feel can benefit.  So I still counsel individual clients who make their way to me and offer workshops to small groups to teach these practices. I recently wrote a book to serve as an introductory manual summarizing what I call a “yogic lifestyle.”

The book is called Walk The Talk: The Art of Living.

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I still take a small selection of clients on an individual basis. Please contact me directly to make an appointment or to schedule a free consultation by phone.


These supportive principles are relevant and joyfully offered to anyone who wishes to learn how to free themselves from limiting conditions, habits, and attitudes, and to fully actualize their deepest desires or purpose in all aspects of their life. 

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The Voice Dialogue method is a powerful technique that allows you to discover, give voice to, and reclaim the wealth of your unexplored selves. Developed by Dr. Hal Stone and his wife Dr. Sidra Stone, it blends several therapeutic systems.

Workshops & Special Events


Workshops cover a range of techniques including breathwork and Pranayama, Hatha yoga, sitting and walking meditation etc. Join the mailing list to stay updated with special upcoming events in Nosara, Costa Rica and online.  

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“I so enjoyed the retreat. Daryl Vansier guided us so beautifully. He has the energy of such a strong, yet gentle, leader. Such a great model for us. As a teacher, each of Daryl’s interventions was so valuable, pertinent and appreciated. What a privilege it was to be there with him and all those dear souls and that beautiful setting.”

Minda Bernstein

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Casas Kandalaya, Playa Guiones, Nosara

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

International: +1-514-443-1226

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