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Carpe Momentum

Between you and me lies no space that is real.

It is all an illusion fostered by the powers at be.

Conspiracy of the elders.

Fear is an insidious disease.

Love is the balm.

Fear and ignorance come as a pair.

I wake up ignorant of who I am, where I am,

Where I have been, where I am going.

Where I am going is pressing in on me.

I long for where I was as a frame of reference.

I cling to the familiar.

Familiar, family offers me the promise of connection

But not without connection between me, myself and I.

Seize this moment! Carpe momentum!

Seize the opportunity to connect with me, now.

Above all, be gentle, accept all the selves within.

Some will judge, some may be shamed, may rebel.

In the name of Truth

Embrace them all.

Honour the expression of each child of your inner family.

Yes, right now, even if today is Sun Day

For tomorrow is Moon Day

And you may be lost in the shadows of busyness.

Know that you cannot see the moon save by the light of the sun.

So remember the moon and let the sun have its day.

Seize this moment!

No it does not have to be hard

Don’t believe that lie!

But it does require the power of will

To step out of the comfy box

Of habitual fear and false belittlement.

How, when, where shall I start?

There is no right order

Whatever came before and whatever is to follow

Is contained in the now, so catch it on the fly.

History is our vain effort to capture our origins.

We are original if we claim our right to be the author of this present moment.

The imposter is the one who seeks to copy out of fear of not being legitimate.

You can only begin now.

Any other beginning has lost its flavour.

Carpe momentum!

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