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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Dreamwork is “work”, not because it isn’t fun but because it needs to be undertaken with the same regularity as our daily work. There are three reasons for this.

The first is obvious: like any sport or form of exercise you master it and stay “in shape” by doing it regularly.

Secondly, as dream work is communication with your unconscious, it is a relationship which is cultivated over time. Your partner or friend’s manner of expression becomes more and more understandable to you over time, especially if you learn to listen to what they are saying in words or other forms of expression.

Thirdly, if you only record and interpret the apparently significant dreams, you will miss out on the wealth of information available to you in the dreams which, to your “conscious” mind and emotions seem vague and insignificant. Remember: your unconscious mind or Self is never sleeping! It is amazing to discover the relevance and wisdom concealed behind the symbols of an apparently boring and undramatic story, even when you only vaguely remember parts of it. Just write down what you remember without much concern about the order or accuracy of your recollection, and don’t stop there! Check out the symbols and make the effort to put together an interpretation. You will almost surely recognize the relevance to your current life experience and usually receive appropriate guidance . “Tout ce qui nous court après dans les rêves veut faire partie de nous” – Nicolas Bornemisza in « Se guérir grace à ses images intérieures ».

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