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It's All Me, So Don't Cheat Yourself

When we really stop to consider, all the problems in our world are due to the illusion that we exist as separate entities. We identify as separate individuals with separate bodies and minds and as long as we do that there is the potential for attraction, repulsion, conflict and disease.

However, if we don our scientific thinking cap and closely examine the envelope of our apparently separate bodies- our skin, it soon becomes obvious that our skin is porous and has plenty of openings - ears, nostrils, mouth etc. that allow free passage of “outside” stuff to enter our insides.  Even our psyches are shared as evidenced by our proven capacity for extrasensory perception and collective psychic experiences. Not all of us believe that because not all of us are aware of having had the experience. However, if we pay attention we are likely to connect the dots and discover that apparently happenstance events are connected and not just coincidental. Quantum physics has proven that energy is all-pervasive  and that the universe is not only infinitely interconnected but that it is a receptive medium containing and permeating all forms.  When we speak about energetic boundaries, we’re referring to our “own energy field remaining free from picking up on other people’s subtle energy and having an effect on us by penetrating our personal energy field. 

We could say that we have a little “me” and a big “Me. Big Me includes everyone and everything around our little me. Buddha recognized this upon the moment of his awakening when he uttered “I alone am responsible.” If it’s all Me, I am responsible for everything that I experience. Karma is often misunderstood to mean that we get punished by some external entity for our misdeeds. This is a dualistic perception of of how our universe works. In a universe where there is actually no “other”, the bad news is that we have to take some responsibility for what happens to us or our extended self - the “other”(s). The good news is that we also have power to make it better. Since it is all Me, I am the creator of my reality.

This makes it easier to live a life that is free of conflict and in harmony with our essential purity or wholeness. We are more likely to be tempted to try to cheat a system that we perceive to be outside ourselves than to cheat ourselves. We would not have to subjugate ourselves to moral codes or societal rules to “do the right thing” if we lived with the awareness that it’s all Me. Our golden rule could become “Do unto others as you would do unto yourself”. In case your inner critic is about to have a hay day persecuting you for your lack of capacity to hold this vision, especially when the going gets tough, thank it for awakening your conscience and compassionately accept that having an ego is part of being a human being and embrace it as part of you are, the big ME! On the relative plane of existence as individuals with a limited awareness of our absolute connection withe bigger ME we cannot expect to control the myriad of conditions that make up our reality but we can cultivate a vision of our big Me that will not compromise our most sacred values and enable us to live harmoniously with each other.

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