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Rhythms of the Day

This morning I woke up and wrote my morning pages (stream of consciousness writing) while sipping my bulletproof decaf coffee. I thought to share the words that made their way on to the page:

Rhythms of the day, specs to live by.

Drink it in.

Savour the flavour.

It’s all about signs. What isn’t a sign?

We choose what we pay attention to.

Give meaning to your life. Why not?

When something or someone appears, crosses your path, honour it.

Pay attention

or ignore and live within your restrictions.

Live in the moment and pay attention to the moment,

without lingering, lest you slip into the past and miss the boat.

Memory can serve us or enslave us.

Life is a ball that must be kept in play.

Life does not stand still.

Even trees are moving, howbeit imperceptibly.

Staying afloat requires micro movements.

Seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting require micro movements.

Equilibrium requires micro movements, even at its stillest centre.

When we become very still in meditation, the movement of breath can be suspended;

but prana, chi, vital energy is still flowing and the heart is still faithfully doing its job.

The ultimate dynamic is a balancing act,

sustaining stable awareness in the midst of movement,

including the shifting energies that animate our personal experience,

within and without.

Flowing can happen on auto-pilot but the vigilance of the unattached aware ego is required to adjust to changing winds and currents and interruptors in the flow.

A dull moment is the result of a lazy mind

as well as the lull in the weather system of our experience.

It is not that we should frantically create excitement in our lives.

We need only stay awake and aware

so that we can choose whether to accept what is

or initiate a movement in the rhythm of this dance

in the art of living.

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