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Stop Rushing

Dream: I am riding a horse and being chased by another horse and rider. Weeks later the dream comes back and this time the horse and rider catch up to me and we are running neck in neck. The dream comes back one more time and this time I turn to face the other horse and rider and we became one and cross the finish line.

The best way to beat time is to stop running away from it.

Stop running, turn around, and face it.

Embrace it.

Fully embrace every moment.

You will have more time when you are present with it, each moment.

Take your time and you will not lose it.

No need to squeeze in multitasks.

Multitasking is avoiding connection with your primary task or who you are with.

When someone is looking at their phone while you are in conversation with them you are disturbed. When you multitask, you are snubbing yourself.

Presence is the antidote to disappointment. It is the ultimate gift.

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