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Time is of the Essence

Time is of the essence.

Tread lightly lest you sink into stagnancy.

Keep flowing with the current of life.

Stagnancy slips into the past.

Holding to this moment is being stuck in the past.

It is the kiss of death.

Life is enjoying the moment as an integral element of the momentum of change.

Change is the essence of potential.

Change is power.

Accept and cooperate with change and you will be freed from the grip of the past. Judgement of self or other is fixing things into the past and keeping them there.

Don’t believe in limitation.

It is not a trustworthy friend to lean on.

Your limitations or anyone else’s.

If you believe you are stuck, you are stuck.

Time is of the essence.

Treading lightly also means to take your time.

Anxious rushing means that we are believing in our limitation

Afraid of not being able to move ahead towards our goal.

Do we need a goal?

Well, a car motor needs to be started very now and then or it will stop working.

The mind is our motor.

It is our ally when we can anchor our attention towards what edifies.

It is our enemy when we allow it to wallow in the trenches of duality

That lie to one side or the other of truth.

When the mind draws you into misery know that it is lying.

No need to run away from feelings

They are letting you know that you are alive.

Just keep waking up from the dream the mind creates.

Pay attention and gratefully receive each opportunity

To co-create your reality.

All of time is contained in the present.

Presence is not static or stagnant.

Presence is re-presenting each moment.

It is a dynamic process, not a state.

The surfer harnesses alertness to control his board

While surrendering to the changes in each wave.

Life calls us constantly to ride its waves of change with awareness.

We are animated by the ever-present wave of our breath.

Presence requires us to ride each wave of breath consciously.

It is the vehicle that harnesses the mind and body connection

Into the activity of being conscious or present.

We can modulate how we breathe to refine the quality of our presence

Calming agitation to reclaim connection with our peaceful essence

Or stimulating stagnant energy that is stuck in a rut.

Stay connected with your breath.

One breath at a time.

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